Victorian Cottage Chimney

Replace Flaunching and make good Brickwork of a Victorian Chimney


This Victorian Devon cottage was suffering from ingress of water into the chimney stack. On observation of the flaunching it was clear that there was smoke escape from between the top of the chimney stack and the bottom of the flaunching. On closer examination it became clear that the stack brickwork and mortar were also suffering from water damage. Much of the south western corner of the chimney was suffering from the worst of the weather and had deteriorated badly. It was decided to remove the flaunching and the poor brickwork, dry the bricks and rebuild that corner. While the scaffolding was up a new flexi flue was also fitted to the woodburning stove. On inspection of the chimney flue it was clear that some of the damp had been caused by the moisture content of the wood. The introduction of the flexi flue and the repairing of the brickwork and new flaunching will keep this chimney standing proud for another 150 years.

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