Renovation of Carver Armchair

Renovation of a Barley Twist Carver Armchair

This barley twist carver armchair was renovated for a local lady who needed a higher chair for her knitting circle. The chair had been stored in the attic for a number of years and was suffering from woodworm damage to the dowel joints, seat cover panel, panel supports and barley twist legs. All the joints were loose and the shellac covering was damaged and scruffy. The chair required stripping and all dowels drilling out and replacing with oak dowels. Woodworm damage was treated and the shellac cut back to the wood. The seat panel was repaired, treated for woodworm and re sprung, before padding and recovering. The chair joints were glued and the chair was finished with bison wax. The stripping back of the shellac, shows this Elm chair in all its glory. New may not be naff, but when you can restore a chair like this to its former glory, you have to wonder….

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