Garden Maintenance, Design and Building

Woodland Hillside Garden (Lake District)

This Lake District garden required extensive tree and ground work to create areas that were usable and aesthetically pleasing, but did not detract from the beauty of the surrounding woodland.

The site is set in a steep woodland area on Neaum Crag, Ambleside. The tree canopy was thinned out to allow light to the lawn areas, and terracing introduced using dry stone walling. The terraces accommodated four separate lawn areas and a wild flower and plant area set on the steep bank to the right of the steps.

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2 Responses to Garden Maintenance, Design and Building

  1. Isabel Castens says:

    This garden looks somewhat familiar! Standing the test of time too (apart from rabbits and deer eating stuff)

    Isabel Castens

  2. Rob Bonsor says:

    Hi Isabel,
    Good to hear that the garden is still providing a nice relaxing area and standing the test of time….Only 12 years since we finished that garden. I suppose that Rabbit and Deer are the price you pay for living in the wilds of the Lake District. Many thanks for the update


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