Let the Wood do the Talking

Sometimes you have to work with what you have………Take these latest designs. I was looking to clear some wood stock and came across some old mill flooring and a couple of bits of Redwood 4″ x 2″. The Mill flooring was in good condition, but the Redwood was showing its history, with a large damaged run down one length. I could get 4 lengths out of the wood, only if I included the damaged end. The lengths were the right size to use a piece of off-cut mirror, however the mirror had been drill, two hole 30 mm in, top and bottom. To cut the holes out would have shortened the width of the mirror making the wood look too chunky for the size of the mirror? “Sometimes you have to let the wood do the talking”. Looking around I found some off-cuts of Maple and Rosewood. I have come across some African designs where they have inlaid different random bits of wood in some of their artwork. This is often been used creatively and to cover……..mishaps or damage to the wood. In the mill flooring wood frame, the inlay was purely decorative, but in the Redwood frame Maple was used to hide some damage that would not have added to the appeal of the Mirror. Once inlaid the Maple or Rosewood was sanded back to the level of the original frame to give contrast and an artistic look. The holes in the mirror were hidden by creating Rosewood Leaves and pining them from the back of the mirror. I hope you will agree……that sometimes, letting the wood do the talking, works really well……. The leaves add a country texture to the mirror, while the damaged section gives it history. The dark and light inlays produce an eye catching contrast…almost forcing study of the wood grain.


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