Devon Cider Barn Kittchen

This job required taste and mind adjustment…..the lady for whom the work was carried, had evolving ideas as to how she wanted her kitchen to look. When I say evolving, I really mean that she had an idea ready to change to another! Ellie’s eclectic tastes, were at first difficult to come to terms with. But, as the project progressed the combining of old and new, and making do with things that were in good order won through….! The first hurdle for me to cross was how her mind worked…..! Ellie would tell me to expect her to return from a shopping expedition with a Belfast sink, only for her to arrive home with a bargain……a double sink with a drainer. She would bring me bargain tiles that were a different style, size and colour to the floor tiles I was repairing or replacing. My first thoughts were (and I know she won’t mind me saying this) “are you mad, they will look completely oddball”. However, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. As the project progressed she either won me over, or wore me down. As the job continued I began to see where she was coming from, this was not a kitchen for me, or other builders, it was a kitchen for her and her family. The mix of old tiles, with ones that were of a different size and colour has been particularly successful (or is it stressful?). Rescuing tiles from the garden, and from under plant pots and vases, covered the bare concrete areas of the floor (where the previous units had been) without resorting to the builders merchants. This is a kitchen designed to suit a hectic family life, using materials that fit with the way Ellie views the world……”I’m converted” this is indeed a kitchen for a home…..and family.


About Man for the Plan

House and Garden Maintenance, Garden Design, Woodwork and More…. Do you have jobs and projects in the house or garden that you just don’t have the time or skills to start? Do your children need new bedrooms, wardrobes, beds or play areas? Does your kitchen need an overhaul or your garden need a make over? Does your village need a new noticeboard or its green maintaining? Man for the Plan is available to do the jobs that keep getting put off. Contact me and we can work out a plan and price.
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