Victorian Devon Cottage

Wardrobe, Desk and Shelving for a Child’s Bedroom

We all know that old houses throw up the usual problems relating to poor insulation, cold walls and condensation. This young ladies bedroom suffered from damp and mould associated with condensation on cold walls. The mould in this case started at the back of a wardrobe situated against an outside stone wall. The problem was compounded by a damp chimney (leaking flaunching). The chimney issue was tackled firstly, and then the room was prepared for new wardrobes, shelves and a desk. The two corners and ceiling area of the outside walls were insulated and studded using foil insulation and 2″ x 1″ batten. The finished plaster work was painted with mould resistant paint. The customer required the wardrobe and desk etc. to have a rustic style in keeping with a cottage of this age. The wardrobe was constructed using TGV and the desk and shelves were constructed of recycled scaffold boards, finished and stained. The wardrobe required hanging space on one side and shelving on the other with pigeon hole at the mid level. The internal elements of the wardrobe were left unstained to keep it light inside. The construction methods are similar to those shown in “walk-in wardrobe”.


About Man for the Plan

House and Garden Maintenance, Garden Design, Woodwork and More…. Do you have jobs and projects in the house or garden that you just don’t have the time or skills to start? Do your children need new bedrooms, wardrobes, beds or play areas? Does your kitchen need an overhaul or your garden need a make over? Does your village need a new noticeboard or its green maintaining? Man for the Plan is available to do the jobs that keep getting put off. Contact me and we can work out a plan and price.
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