Kids bedrooms

Making the most of a child’s small bedroom area

This bedroom build, through up a number of issues. The room is both small and an odd shape. It does not lend its self to square shop bought beds. There was no room for bedroom furniture or toy boxes. The room did have one redeeming feature, an old doorway. The doorway was used to build a wardrobe and a set draws. Further storage area was gained by building the bed with under bed storage draws and installing a book case/shelving in an unusable corner. The bedroom was built for a three year old, so new lights were installed in an animal theme. The use of the storage areas means that the floor area remains free to use for play.


About Man for the Plan

House and Garden Maintenance, Garden Design, Woodwork and More…. Do you have jobs and projects in the house or garden that you just don’t have the time or skills to start? Do your children need new bedrooms, wardrobes, beds or play areas? Does your kitchen need an overhaul or your garden need a make over? Does your village need a new noticeboard or its green maintaining? Man for the Plan is available to do the jobs that keep getting put off. Contact me and we can work out a plan and price.
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